The College Librarian provides leadership in advancing the College’s teaching and research mission through a clear vision of the library’s role, comprehensive strategic planning, incorporation of emerging technology, sound fiscal management and engagement of all members in the college community.

The Librarian has overall responsibility for library, research and information needs of the college community. Specifically, the College Librarian’s duties include:

  • Drawing up and monitoring the implementation of the College Library Strategic Plan.
  • Directing and coordinating the components of the library i.e. staff, services, collections and external relations.
  • Establishing and maintaining procedures, policies and systems that make for efficient library operation.
  • Planning, organising, coordinating and measuring the work activities of all library personnel.
  • Representing the library in contacts with Administration and Committees of the College.
  • Collaboration with the relevant and appropriate institutional libraries and organisations within and outside the country in order to keep up with development trends and attain exposure to developed systems.
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