The College Internal Auditor’s function includes the following:

 Applying a risk-based audit approach to review systems and internal controls.

 Determine the reliability of and adequacy of accounting, financial and operational controls in the College.

 Monitoring compliance with established policies, plans and procedures.

 Periodically evaluating the procedures of the college to determine whether results are consistent with the stated objectives.

 Assessing the extent to which assets accounted for and safeguarded against losses.

 Reporting the results of audit reviews including management responses and proposing action plans.

 Performing Ad hoc investigations and reviews at the request of management.

 Ensuring that reliable records form the bases for the preparation of appropriate financial and other data provided for decision-making.

 Carrying out special reviews of accounting and internal control systems with the view of minimizing weaknesses.

 Conducting periodic training workshops to promote awareness of internal controls and discussing changes in policies that have an impact on the organization.

 Establishing logical and systematic methods of identifying, analysing, evaluating, and communicating risks to management.

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