The Finance Officer mainly performs the following tasks:

  • Serves as the Chief Accounting Officer of the College and the Chief Financial Advisor to the Principal
  • Generally responsible for the administration of the financial affairs of the College that will ensure its financial health and he/she exercises direct superintendence overall accounting officers.
  • Responsible for collecting all legitimate revenue due to the College.
  • Exercises control over expenditure in line with the College’s objectives and budgets.
  • Has the duty of preparing the annual budget of the College for presentation to the appropriate governing body for approval and implementation.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the financial statements of the College are drawn up in accordance with the law establishing the Colleges, the Statutes, applicable accounting standards and all other Regulations approved by the College as well as all other relevant national laws.
  • Liaises with the appointed external auditors to get the College’s financial statements audited.
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