The Office of the Principal is next to Council in the chain of command of the University. The Principal is the academic and administrative head and chief disciplinary officer of the College. As the Chief Executive of the College, the Principal is responsible to the Council for maintaining order and ensuring the efficient administration of the College.


The main responsibility of the Vice-Principal is to assist the Principal in the overall management and administration of the College. This includes but not limited to:

The College Secretary mainly performs the following tasks:

  • Acts as Secretary to Council and non-voting member.
  • Serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the College and is answerable to the Principal of the College in the discharge of the administrative duties of the Secretary to the College.

The Finance Officer mainly performs the following tasks:

  • Serves as the Chief Accounting Officer of the College and the Chief Financial Advisor to the Principal
  • Generally responsible for the administration of the financial affairs of the College that will ensure its financial health and he/she exercises direct superintendence overall accounting officers.

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